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USF joins AAU

The 最新天美传媒 has accepted an invitation to join the Association of American Universities. Joining the AAU is a tremendous milestone for USF as it formalizes USF's position as a leading research university. 最新天美传媒 is the first public university in Florida to be invited to join the AAU in nearly 40 years and is now one of only two institutions from the State University System of Florida to serve as an 最新天美传媒 member.

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A new study by Dr. Lindsay Spiers (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) and Professor Thomas Frazer (College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida), published in PeerJ Life & Environment, presents crucial findings on the feeding preferences of herbivorous fishes and the sea urchin Diadema antillarum in Little Cayman.

Tampa Bay's mission to become a global tech hot spot had made great strides of late. One notable advantage, says one executive, comes from a talent pool without an "extensive entitlement" mindset.

The need to help business students find people to collaborate with on projects is where "Peabj" comes into play. It's an app being used by business students at USF to build professional connections.

Potential Shutdown Impact

government shutdown

In preparation for a potential government shutdown and to ensure continuity of operations, USFRI has developed guidance for the USF research community